StackTrek works with city-level, regional-level, and national-level governments to integrate our propriety Assessment Technology, Learning Management System (LSM), and Performance Analytics tools into all 64,988 high schools, colleges and universities in the Philippines at no cost. The goal is help school produce job-ready programming graduates that meet the needs of tech industry.

The Assessment Technology identifies missing and, or weak skills, The Learning Management System provides customized learning pathways to address identified weaknesses. The skill remedical process is scientific, accurate and complete. The Analytics Technology analyze the collective student performance data and provide inputs in remediating weak elements in each school’s curriculum. StackTrek provides its educational technologies to all 64,988 schools for free.

Our ability to provide real-time assessment and automated training at scale can potentially transform millions of underpriviledged young men and women into a programming workforce, who can improve their earning potentials and escape poverty.